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SIMULINE MINI RIDER 2 CRAKS #440 Naflic (UK) Inspectors
20645 dated 13.01.2018
Published by
Enrico Fabbri
During routine annual inspections cracking has been detected on the overhead support frames of several Mini Rider 2 simulators, manufactured by Simuline. Photographs showing the location of the cracking can be found below. Controllers and inspection bodies should pay particularly close attention to these areas when carrying out maintenance checks and inspections.
We remind you that weldings are very important in an amusement ride and that they must be regularly inspected by trained operators. If steel parts are welded together this doesn't mean the welding is ethernal; on the contrary, weldings are the most critical and failure-likely parts in any amusement rides.
We also remind to all users of RidesZone that international standards od the amusement filed require an annual inspection of all rides and particularly all safety and structural parts should be NDT inspected for possible cracks.

Type of contents:  Technical Bulletin
Issued by:  NAFLIC
Manufacturer:  Simuline
Ride name:  MiniRider 2
Reference N°:  440
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