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36782 dated 08.04.2021
RidesZone Team
Welcome to the new RidesMania section of RidesZone!

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From today you can publish your used ride for FREE in RidesMania following this procedure, your ad will be published for 24 months and then automatically deleted.

Publishing your announcement in RidesMania you are free to best develop your business by publishing ads of medium/small rides and caravans. The ads are published automatically in the different geographic areas, allowing the seller to reach a great number of potential buyers that will be able to send an SMS message directly to him.

The purpose of this article is to provide you with information on how to publish a ride in RidesMania. The attached video shows you in detail the actions to publish your ad. Do you need assistance? Contact us on info@rideszone.info.

To improve the users’ experience, we ask you to take care of the quality of your images, if necessary to crop them removing unnecessary borders. It is not possible to upload images that exceed 5MB in size: if you are unable to upload an image, we recommend that you reduce the size (this is possible by exchanging images via WhatsApp which automatically reduces the image size).
Before uploading your ad, you must login in RidesZone:
- Enter in SETTINGS (the button with the gear)
- Click on the LOGIN button
- Log into RidesZone with your phone number and password, or choose the option at the bottom to create a new account
- If you are creating a new account: use your phone number in the full international format (example: +39 333 333 3333), choose your preferred language, accept the terms of service and then CONFIRM
Prepare your images and description before beginning the process:
- Click on the ADS button from the main menu
- Select FOR SALE
- Click to CREATE YOUR AD (the menu shows already published ads)
- Enter the name and description in all languages (or use the option to automatically copy the text from the first cell to all the others), then SAVE CHANGES
- Check that the mobile phone number is correct (if necessary, the number can be changed), enter the selling price, select your country, select the ride category, then SAVE CHANGES
- Choose an image that needs to be uploaded, then click UPLOAD (only one image can be uploaded at a time). Follow the same procedure to upload other images. The system shows a preview of the images already uploaded.
- Publish for free in RIDESMANIA if the market value of the carousel is up to €100.000 or publish a paid ad in RIDESZONE (For-Sale) using a coupon-code.
You can edit any information in your ad, such as the price, with the exception of images:
- Click on the ADS button from the main menu
- Select FOR SALE
- Click on the ad you want to edit
- Edit the information you want, then SAVE CHANGES
Click DELETE to immediately delete the ad.
(1) If you have made some mistake, if you have not been able to upload images correctly, you can delete your ad and post immediately another one.
(2) We recommend you not to continuously publish duplicates of the same ad
(3) Indicate the sale price even if slightly higher than €100.000, the price can be changed even after publication by following the procedure indicated above
Spare parts, advertisements for new rides or services, wanted and rented messages, used rides with a market value of more than 100,000 euros, standard trucks or semi-trailers not related to the rides/activities, ads with unclear images or with unintelligible descriptions. RidesZone reserves the right to delete any improper ad without notice.
RidesZone does not accept any responsibility for the accuracy of information posted by users, that may be incomplete or contain errors. The announcements published do not represent technical or legal advice, before buying a ride we recommend that you check the technical, administrative and customs aspects with your consultant.
Message to seller Click here to send your message to seller via your mobile phone SMS service. [49]