#Rides Maintenance
19248 dated 30.10.2017
Bahia Blanca, Argentina. Tagada's seat detaches and flies off a girl.
During a ride on a Tagada, one of the most famous rides in many Luna Parks around the world, one of the sector that make up the carousel seat has detached itself from the support frame and made a girl fly out, causing various injuries.
We will never underline enough the importance of controlling welds, bolted connections, pins and any type of mechanical connection AT EACH SET UP. Setting up workers MUST be trained to recognize the various defects or problems that may arise in the rides and their components. In the case of non-trained operators, a qualified person should assist and supervise throughout all the assembly phases. In fact, the assembly phase is a unique opportunity to inspect parts and components that would otherwise be difficult to control.
If there are welded cracks, the carousel must be stopped and the weldings repaired. If broken or worn bolts or pins are found, these should be immediately replaced with new ones.
People's security is a moral and legal obligation for all people who work and live in the field of Luna Parks and Amusement  Parks.
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