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34673 dated 14.07.2020
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Merlin’s SOS London campaign asks PM to save tourism in London

Merlin Entertainments has launched the ‘SOS London’ campaign at the London Eye, calling on the UK government to save tourism, organise campaigns and support the industry during the coronavirus crisis.

Merlin leads 10,776 businesses in issuing a call for action to avert the tourism crisis in London, including tourist attractions, restaurants, hoteliers, travel bodies and event organisers.

Merlin is supported by trade associations including UKHospitality, Tourism Alliance, ETOA and UKinbound to form the ‘SOS London Tourism Collective’.

These businesses are urging Prime Minister Boris Johnson to aid the recovery of the capital’s tourism industry or face an economic crisis.

Merlin and other companies want the government to urgently kickstart London’s tourism sector and aid its recovery through investment and a clear strategic plan to welcome tourists.

‘SOS London’ would like to see the government address investment in domestic and international marketing campaigns, promoting London as a safe and welcoming tourist destination.