LO SPETTACOLO VIAGGIANTE (Travelling Carnival) Italian Showmen Association Magazine - Issue 3/4 of 2018
25435 dated 03.05.2018
Published by
Alberto Fabbri
Lo Spettacolo Viaggiante
It's now available on-line the new issue N. 3-4 of 2018 of the italian magazine "Lo Spettacolo Viaggiante", published by the ANESV Association in Rome, Italy.
To read the magazine please click on the link here above.

ANESV, founded in 1947, is the Italian association of Luna Park showmen and is the oldest and most representative organization of this category and sector in Italy.
It represents companies that carry out amusement activities, like carnival, amusement parks, theme parks, aquatic parks, wildlife, and adventure parks. The headquarters is in Rome dell'Anesv. The magazine is directed by Massimo Piccaluga, Italian operator with long experience in the management of the association.

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