IAAPA Exhibition 19-22 November 2019 in Orlando (Florida), USA
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Rides Zone
Expo Location
Orange County Convention Center (OCCC)
North and South Buildings
9899 International Drive
Orlando, FL, USA
Trade Show Floor Hours
Tuesday, 19 November:   10am - 6pm
Wednesday, 20 November:   10am - 6pm
Thursday, 21 November:   10am - 6pm
Friday, 22 November:   10am - 4pm
IAAPA Attractions Expo
The global conference and trade show for the attractions industry.
Come together with your peers and be inspired at IAAPA Attractions Expo to infuse something fresh, bold, and unique for your attraction. Whether you are imagining an all-new ride, an operational transformation, or 21st-century marketing mix, the opportunities available in Orlando are only limited by your imagination.
About IAAPA Organization
The International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA) represents nearly 5,000 amusement-industry members in 99 countries worldwide and operates several global amusement-industry trade shows. Its annual IAAPA Attractions Exposition in Orlando, Florida is recognized as the world's largest amusement trade show in the number of attendees and exhibitors and providing members insight into current amusement trends, laws, operations and industry methodology. The IAAPA also helps to promote guest- and ride-safety guidelines in conjunction with ASTM International and assists its members to uphold the highest amusement-industry safety and professional standards.
IAAPA represents a variety of location-based entertainment facilities, including amusement and theme parks, family entertainment centers, arcades, museums, water parks, aquariums, science centers, zoos and resorts. It also represents industry equipment manufacturers, distributors, operators, industry suppliers and service providers.
Events and publications
The association operates the IAAPA Attractions Expo, the Asian Attractions Expo (AAE) and the Euro Attractions Show (EAS). At each show, IAAPA offers educational, informational, operational, safety, and leadership seminars and behind-the-scenes tours of member amusement parks, theme parks, water parks and family entertainment centers. IAAPA publishes the monthly Funworld Magazine for its members, keeps its global membership informed about current and pending federal, state and local amusement-related laws and legislation and publishes "News Flash", a daily e-newsletter with industry news stories from around the world.
IAAPA offers training in every aspect of the amusement-park and attractions industry and provides member facilities with opportunities to educate their personnel with workshops, on-site seminars, videotapes, manuals, webinars and services provided by institute programs, such as the IAAPA Institutes for Attractions Managers and Executive Education and the IAAPA Safety Institute. The association promotes amusement park safety standards to its members and maintains a partnership with the ASTM International to develop and update ride safety standards and maintenance requirements. IAAPA’s advocacy department reaches out to governments in a number of countries, representing the industry in attraction and amusement-park legislation and regulations.