Gulliver’s New £37 Million Theme Park Opens this Saturday Experience UK
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Gulliver’s New £37 Million Theme Park Opens this Saturday

The eagerly awaited Gulliver’s Valley theme park in South Yorkshire opens its doors to the public for the first time this weekend. Set against a backdrop of 250 acres of countryside, the new theme park boasts over 50 attractions suitable for people of all ages.

The park is just over an hour’s drive from Hull and is aimed at children between the ages of two and thirteen. There are 26 rides within the park that are suitable for children as young as two, through a mixture of indoor and outdoor areas. Highlights at the park include the Ghostly Galleon pirate ship, a Lost Jurassic World area, and an Apache Falls water ride.

Julie Dalton, Managing Director at Gulliver's Valley, said: "From bigger rides through to smaller rides, we are caring for that family market. Everything has been thought out so the whole family can enjoy their visit. The prime reason for choosing South Yorkshire was because of the people. What we saw when we came here is it is a really friendly group of people.”

Gulliver’s Valley, the fourth Gulliver’s Theme Park Resort to open in the UK, includes accommodation options for visitors with Unicorn and Princess suites as well as Western Cabins and Lost World Lodges.

Construction of the park was halted back in March, due to the effects on the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. The park has put a variety of safety measures in place, to ensure all guests are safe when enjoying the attractions. The capacity of the site has been reduced dramatically from its physical capabilities to allow for social distancing to be practised.

The park will have staggered entry for guests, who have booked their tickets online prior to the day. Staff have been trained in monitoring greater hygiene levels, with regular cleaning of equipment taking place. It will be mandatory for guests at the park to wear a face covering, and people will be encouraged to use contactless payment where applicable.

Other measures in the park include social distancing markers, and plastic screens at kiosks and payment areas. “We have had to adapt accordingly to this new state of normal and that has meant a few areas of the park will need to open later than we’d hoped while we await further government guidance, but we truly believe the magic of Gulliver’s is needed now more than ever, and we can’t wait to welcome our first customers in very soon,” said Julie Dalton.