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35790 dated 22.10.2020
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California theme parks hint at legal action over reopening

California theme parks are exploring legal action in order to pressure the state into allowing them to reopen, revealed during a virtual press conference held by CAPA.

California Attractions and Parks Association (CAPA) held a virtual conference alongside theme park presidents, including Disney and Universal, on October 21.

At the conference were Karen Irwin (Universal Studios Hollywood), Kurt Stocks (Legoland California Resort), Ken Potrock (Disneyland Resort), Raffi Kaprelyan (Cedar Fair) and Don McCoy (Six Flags Magic Moutain).

CAPA discussed its response to guidance issued by Governor Gavin Newsom that would “unfairly and unreasonably keep large theme parks closed for the foreseeable future”.

“All options are open at this point,” Erin Guerrero, executive director of CAPA, said during the news conference when asked whether legal action was being considered (via Reuters).