American Navy announces plans to build $204 million mega museum Experience UK
35848 dated 31.10.2020
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American Navy announces plans to build $204 million mega museum

The American Navy has announced plans to build a major museum, which will fittingly be housed in Washington D.C. – the beating heart of USA’s maritime scene.

With a state-of-the-art facility set to be built and internationally renowned exhibits moving in, the new National Museum of American Navy is expected to cost $204 million.

Naval History and Heritage Command (NHHC) has been engaged to lead the coordinating of exhibits within the museum, which is set to showcase the USA Navy’s rich 245 year heritage and include experiences which delve into the Navy’s landmark operations.

The museum will also include a memorial which pays homage to the service and sacrifice of American sailors past and present.

The full design of the new museum is yet to be unveiled, but a statement mentioned it will be an advanced, campus design that will bring to life the human experiences of serving in the US navy.

The facility is expected to be based at the iconic Washington Navy Yard, which is where the original National Museum of US Navy is currently open.