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35397 dated 02.09.2020
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Alterface announces new interactive tournament ride, Action League

Alterface, a leader in interactive technology, has announced its latest product, an interactive tournament ride called Action League.

Alterface is pleased to present Action League, an innovative mix of tournament and interactive gaming which features an ultra-dynamic multi-axis motion. During the experience, multiple teams compete with each other for the chance to become the ultimate winner.

The ride includes interactive shooting and competitive gaming, all with the sensation of a rotating platform. It is designed to feel like a large sports arena, complete with announcer screens that appear during the preshow. While the ride bounces, tilts and rotates, an extra immersive layer is added with special sound effects, creating a high-energy feel.

Action League

This new ride provides the first interactive tournament experience between all players, as teams duel it out across three to five changing scenes. Winning teams are matched against each other until one victorious team is crowned the final winner.

In the rotation phase, vehicles move between shooting windows and teams are shuffled. One game lasts from two to three minutes, with around 1.5 to 2.5 minutes of motion in between. There is the option for different competition formulas, for instance, battles between two teams, between players in the same vehicle or through a scoreboard. Bouts of shooting are interspersed with fast motion phases, where players can check and compare their scores so far.

The standard format for Action League can hold six teams, with six people in each vehicle for a maximum of 36 players at a time. This leads to a maximum throughput of 500 people per hour. Larger formats are also available, to hold 72 guests in 12 vehicles, with a top throughput of 1000 people per hour. In addition, the number of shooting phases can be adjusted to increase or decrease throughput as required.