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37304 dated 23.04.2021
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Arc Bristol glass viewing cabin plans approved

Bristol City Council’s planning committee has approved a planning application for the Arc Bristol viewing cabin, located atop We The Curious.

The world’s first glass viewing cabin will take passengers 69 metres above Bristol where they will enjoy locations such as Bristol Cathedral and Clifton Suspension Bridge.

The viewing cabin will be suspended between two carbon fibre masts, which pivot on a base in Millennium Square and use sophisticated technology designed by leading UK engineers.

Arc Bristol passengers will enter via a lounge on the roof of We The Curious, a science and arts centre in Bristol. The lounge is designed by Arc Bristol inventor Nick Stubbs and his former colleagues at SRA Architects.

The planning application was made jointly by Arc Bristol and We The Curious, which has seen lost revenue of £3.4 million due to the pandemic.

“After a really difficult year, this is wonderful news for We The Curious and for our city,” said We The Curious chief executive Donna Speed.

“We believe in curiosity,” she added. “We want to continue to inspire people to ask questions, to explore the world around them.

“And we believe that Arc will be an amazing, innovative, and inspirational experience that will bring a totally new perspective on what We The Curious already does so well.

“I have no doubt that seeing our incredible city 69 metres off the ground will inspire a whole new way of seeing Bristol, and we are really looking forward to sharing the exciting curiosity Arc is certain to provoke.”

£13.5 million funding for Arc Bristol will be secured from private investment. The attraction is due to launch in 2024. It will generate an estimated £13.3 million in annual spending and attract an estimated 250,000 annual visitors.

“Arc’s proposal will boost Millennium Square and give Bristol a wonderful and unique vantage-point for people to enjoy the beauty of our harbour-side, city centre, and the cathedral,” said Cllr Mark Wright.

“The elegant nature of the engineering solution is very ‘Bristol’, and I’m sure Brunel himself would be pleased that such an imaginative machine will give a great view of his SSGB just over the water.”