Indiana Beach Adds Schwarzkopf Looping Roller Coaster and Polyp Rides for 2021 Amusement Park Warehouse
36092 dated 27.12.2020
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Indiana Beach Adds Schwarzkopf Looping Roller Coaster and Polyp Rides for 2021

Indiana Beach just bought a Schwarzkopf Looping roller coaster and a Polyp, a retro spinning flat ride. The amusement park, which rose from closure at the start of the year is one of the few genuine success stories in 2020 and is planning for a strong 2021 season – one that will be the park's 95th.

Originally built in 1984, the triple looping Schwarzkopf coaster is a tall 111-feet and it can reach a top speed of 53 mph. Considered the first coaster to feature three vertical loops, as it moves through its three loops, it pulls 4.7 g-forces.

The coaster's track stretches roughly 3,444 feet in length. The ride is being relocated from the now defunct La Feria Chapultepec Magico amusement park in Mexico City where it was known as Quimera. Described by Indiana Beach owner Gene Staples as a triple loop, steel, sit down coaster, he notes that it “is the perfect fit to accompany our existing lineup of amazing coasters.”

Staples, a Chicago businessman, rescued the park after its closure in 2019 by previous owners. He purchased Indiana Beach in April and reopened the park despite the pandemic in June. He's already gone a long way toward refurbishing the park; the Schwarzkopf coaster is the next step toward increasing and improving its ride offerings.

The coaster has been located at four different park locations over the years: 12 years in the German fair circuit operating as Dreier Looping, at Sunway Lagoon where it was called the Triple Loop Coaster, and Flamingo Land in England where it operated as Magnum Force.

In 2007 it was in operation at La Feria Chapultepec Magico as Quimera in Mexico. The ride ended its run in 2019 with an unfortunate fatal accident there. Staples is well aware of the ride's history and is planning safety as well as cosmetic refurbishments before it opens at Indiana Beach in 2021.

The park's chief operating officer, Tom Crisci, says “We're fortunate enough to have some of the best maintenance guys in the business at our park.” He added that the park is planning to work with industry safety consultants to complete updates and pass all inspections. “Then and only then will we open the ride to the public.”