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£4 Billion London Resort consultation process overwhelmed with public support

Informally known as the UK’s answer to Disneyland, the £4 billion London Resort has caught a lot of people’s attention since plans were originally announced eight years ago.

Now the mega project has reached a new milestone in its development and has revealed the results and feedback from its eight week consultation, in which they were overwhelmed with public support through its efforts concerning sustainability.

The consultation concluded:

73 per cent supported the London Resort’s approach to the environment, bio-diversity and sustainability, with 51 per cent strongly support it – by enhancing wildlife habitats outside of the park’s perimeter, whom would previously live on the proposed London Resort land
65 per cent felt the London Resort would benefit Kent and the surrounding areas in the long term - through creating thousands of jobs and boosting tourism regionally
76 per cent supported the approach to walkways, cycle routes and public rights of way with 54% being in strong support - as the project expects Kent to experience a huge influx of visitors through the opening of the London Resort

The consultation was inundated with engagement, which saw 27,000 unique visits to the London Resort website and more than 800 participants attending twenty public webinars regarding the proposals. The recent consultation process saw a 65 per cent increase in engagement, from the previous consultation held in 2015.

Commenting on the project breakthrough, PY Gerbeau, CEO of the London Resort said: “Sustainability is at the core of our vision. Through the consultation, people were able to digest hundreds of pages of the latest analysis and environmental studies.

“It was also quite frankly a topic which engendered a lot of questions. For three quarters of people to be in support of our plans is hugely rewarding; we would like to thank everyone who responded, we are taking all feedback very seriously.”

The new 465 acre theme park will be housed at Swanscombe Peninsula in North Kent with an expected launch in 2024.