Opera System Fantasy Island Report
49 dated 11.09.2016
Published by
Remo Rides
In spring 2016, Remorides has installed Opera Amusement System in Fantasy Island (UK), operated by Mellors Group.
Here a short interview to the operation and maintenance manager.
More information about Opera Amusement System:
”Now I can fill the rides checklist on the go, while all data are automatically stored”
Paperless procedures: Automatize & optimize your paperless check list & mandatory LogBook (or any report EN/ISO compliant) with portable devices.
Maintenance Management: Manage maintenances, inspections works and share docs with your team directly on site via Android Apps.
Performances under control: Plan, Do, Check all working process in a common dashboard via ubiquitous Web App.

Rides check made easy
Centralized repository: Store and organize all your documents in a centralized Data Base and secure it during the years.
Improved knowledge: Improve and drive a perfect maintenance exploiting real working hours data of your assets or their failures.
Rides Telemetry: Connect your assets via a plug&play procedure, log all devices data and monitor the real time status of your assets.

Manager, technicians, machines…connected
- Maintenance Management
- Documents & Check lists Management
- Logbook Management (EN/ISO compliant)
- Spare Parts Management
- Real Time Status (Ride Telemetry)
- Sensors Wireless Network
- Team Collaboration
- Remote Assistant (FUNCTION ON REQUEST)

Real Time, Real Team, Real Benefits
- Achieve paperless procedures
- Increase the efficiency
- Secure your future
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