Opera Amusement Remoride Srl (Italy)
9532 dated 18.10.2019
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Mr. Mario Savini, co-founder of Remorides Srl (Italy). Opera Amusement represente the most advanced system to register and secure any operation related to manufacturing, inspection and maintenance of amusemnet rides.
Thanks to these features you will simplify the way you create your activity with your team. Finally all information of your amusement rides (and other business assets) are always available to all persons of your team. Managers can review on-line performances and details of each activity wherever they are in a very simple way. Thanks to Opera Amusement you integrate maintenance activity in a defined process transparent and understandable for directors.
PAPERLESS WORK: Optimize your work by reducing useless papers. Thanks to Opera Amusement all information are permanently recorded in the system and you can share with others without printing it.
LOGBOOK ALWAYS UPDATED: Get an automatic updated logbook in PDF in compliance with EN-13814 standard, completed with all notes and photos made by your technicians, including the name of the person in charge, date and time.
WHO MADE IT AND WHEN: All users are identified by their user name and password, so you know who made any activity and when he made it. All photos added to tasks are completed with user name, date, time and GPS position.