Games Parks Industry International on-line Magazine
27497 dated 31.05.2019
Published by
Facto Edizioni
Oscar Giacomin
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Welcome to Games & Parks Industry magazine.
This magazine publish update and information about amusement and water parks and update from manufacturers and inspectors about safety. This magazine publish contains articles directly written in English and Italian languages plus additional translation in French and Spanish added in the last pages of each issue.
Games & Parks Industry magazine publish on-line digital version each month as service to worldwide operators and investors.
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Games & Parks Industry magazine  is publish by Facto Edizioni Srl, based in the city of Padova (Italy). Activity was founded in the 1980’ by Mr. Danilo Tosetto and today is managed by Mr. Oscar Giacomin. Contents are related to Amusement Park, Water Parks, Aquarium, Circus and others.
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Director, Mr. Oscar Giacomin: oscar@factoedizioni.it