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Fabbri Rides
Fabbri Rides
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Fabbri Rides, your professional advisor, can assist you to:
- Find the best used amusement ride to improve your business
- Guide you during the purchase of any attractions
- Evaluate the right site for your tourist attraction

Our experience comes from over three generations in the manufacturing of amusement rides, with skills in:
- Design & Analysis
- Manufacturing & Quality
- Testing & Delivery
- Standards & Inspections
- Contracts & Terms

Before you purchase a used amusement ride, Fabbri Rides will help you to check out:
- Proper maintenance status performed over the years
- Existing documentation owned by the seller
- Periodic inspections history, including NDT test performed

Before you purchase a new amusement ride, Fabbri Rides will help you to:
- Define the scope of supply by considering all necessary options and updated standards
- Ensure manufacturing quality inspections
- Negotiate the contract terms and conditions

If you are planning to invest in a Tourist Attraction you need Fabbri Rides to:
- Analyze the real potential revenues that could be generated by your sites
- Select the proper Attractions for your target
- Build up a business plan with consistent revenues & costs

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