MAINTENANCE OF AMUSEMENT RIDES How to plan maintenance activities according to the new EN-13814
28812 dated 21.02.2019
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The publication of the new edition of the European standard EN-13814, which took place in 2019, introduces two chapters that were not present in the previous version. In this article we indicate a brief summary of the most significant points and invite you to deepen it with competent people.
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1.  Ride Assembly and Disassembly Activities
In order to reduce the risks in the assembly and disassembly, the ride owner should prepare his own procedure taking into account the guidelines provided by the ride manufacturer and the professional skills of the staff employed. The procedure adopted should be formalized in a written document and the staff employed should be instructed on the activities to be carried out and the related risks.
2.  Ride Operation
The ride owner should prepare an operational risk analysis (OURA) taking into account the information contained in the ride manual and all other information that is still available. The document will highlight the risks to which passengers and employees are exposed by identifying the necessary solutions.
3.  Ride Maintenance
Maintenance activities should be planned taking into account a risk analysis prepared taking into account the construction quality of the ride and the wear of the components (age of the ride). The analysis should also take into account the recommendations contained in other technical standards, the best industrial solutions and information relating to accidents that occurred in other similar rides.
This information allows you to create a maintenance plan that identifies scheduled activities on a weekly, monthly and annual basis.
4.  Annual Inspection of Welds
Periodic checks should provide for the use of non-destructive tests (NDT) to check for possible defects especially to the structural components. Annual checks of welds are considered mandatory in most states.
For roller-type carousels, the complete annual disassembly of the cars and the slow-down and emergency brakes is necessary, therefore the control of all the components, such as, for example, axles, supports and passenger safety systems.
5.  Rides Modification Activities
Any modification to the ride that involves a deviation from the original project must and must be carried out with the assistance of competent people. For modification we mean, by way of example but not limited to, any activity relating to the passenger safety system, conformation and positioning of the passenger vehicle, transmission system, electrical system and above all modification of the carousel structure.
For all changes it is necessary to proceed with the analysis of the situation and possible solutions, execution of a written project, execution of changes with a quality process, technical report. The changes must be approved by the Inspector who carries out the periodic approvals.
6.  First Approvals
When a ride enters a state for the first time, an Inspector must first approve it. The European standard specifies the activities that must be performed with the consequence that these activities could be more complex in many European states over the next few years.
Increasingly, the use and maintenance manual must be translated into the appropriate language, the ride must have the structural calculation and all the documentation and certifications relating to the quality process carried out during construction.
7.  Periodic Approvals
In many European states, rides must be inspected annually. The European standard specifies the activities that the Inspector must perform, including the verification of the most important welds of the ride.
Note: Although the European standard EN-13814 contains recommendations, these may become mandatory when the application of the standard is provided for by laws or regulations of a state, especially when it is necessary to identify responsibility for personal injury.

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