They’re Putting a Roller Coaster on a Cruise Ship The Wall Street Journal
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They’re Putting a Roller Coaster on a Cruise Ship

Name an activity that really should take place on solid ground.

Roller coaster would seem like a good answer. Until now.

Workers in a field adjacent to an industrial park here are assembling a roller coaster to be installed on the top of a new Carnival Cruise Line ship. When the Mardi Gras sails late in 2020, riders will zip along at up to 37 miles per hour above the top deck, with turns and drops that make it appear like you are plunging into the ocean. The roller coaster’s car will have its own throttle and a boost button for extra speed. And the ship will, of course, be moving.

Carnival’s cruising coaster is the latest move in an activity arms race aboard cruise ships. These massive vessels have become floating amusement parks, offering 10-story slides, go-kart tracks, surfing, waterslides, ziplines and simulated skydiving. To appeal to families, especially multigenerational families, ships have to offer a variety of experiences.

“It is difficult for us to compete with land attractions,” Carnival senior vice president Ben Clement says. “On a ship, you have to think differently.”