Rural Darwin show ride crashes to ground leaving two people injured, children stuck ABC News
30166 dated 24.05.2019
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A woman and her son have been taken to hospital with minor injuries after a carnival ride accident at the Freds Pass Show.

St John Ambulance staff treated the pair after the Octopus Ride carriage they were in hit the ground on Saturday, twisting the metal arms attached to it at a 90-degree angle.
The woman appeared to be unconscious in the metal carriage, and was being shaded by show staff as paramedics prepared to take her to hospital.
She was taken to Palmerston Regional Hospital with a leg injury, and was discharged on Saturday evening.

Eight children in the other carriages were left stranded in the air for about 25 minutes, Freds Pass Rural Show Committee spokesman John McNeur said.
Water was tossed up to the children while they waited to be rescued by emergency services.
Witness Aaron Abbott said there was a "big thud" when the ride carriage fell about two metres to the ground.

"[I saw] a few people run, then we just come for a walk over and we seen the arm bent on that ride, and a lady sort of in a bit of pain," Mr Abbott said.
"A few people were comforting her straight away, there was a shade put up.
"Everyone was pretty quick actually, it was a bit of an experience."
Senior Sergeant Dean Elliott said the NT Fire and Rescue Service, assisted by NT emergency services volunteers, "were able to assist the stranded ride patrons using a scissor lift platform".
"Both the injured individuals were transported to hospital with minor injuries," he said.
Mr McNeur said a malfunction appeared to be behind the incident.
"One of the sideshow octopus rides appears to have had a malfunction on one of the arms, bringing that arm to the ground, and at that stage leaving eight people suspended in the ride as it was active when it was brought to a halt," John McNeur said.
"As happens in any public events like this, NT WorkSafe move and check the maintenance records in respect to all show rides in the form of an audit."
He said WorkSafe had already spent "a considerable amount" of time at the site during the week and had already begun to investigate the incident.
However, NT Worksafe said claims it had checked all rides thoroughly were incorrect.
"The responsibility of checking the safety of a ride sits with the ride owner and the engineer they engage," it said in a statement.

An independent engineer would be engaged to assess the ride next week, it said.
The wellbeing of show attendees was the committee's priority, Mr McNeur said.
"We are a community-run show … but rest assured, our risk preparedness, our risk response, our risk recovery are all things that sit very much forefront in terms of the committee's priority," he said.