A Not-So-Thrilling Ride For U.S.-Made Roller Coasters NPR News
31132 dated 20.06.2019
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Since the U.S.-China trade war kicked off last year, tariffs on soybeans, car parts and pork have had everyone from economist Paul Krugman to late night host Stephen Colbert talking about the economic ramifications.

But the duty imposed on American-made amusement rides has not been much discussed.

Unless you're Preston Perkes, executive director of administration for northern Utah's S&S Worldwide, one of the largest of the more than two dozen ride manufacturers in the U.S. Then you talk about it all the time.

"All of our returning customers that usually want to buy rides from us are talking to us about this," Perkes says. "They aren't signing contracts."

Since last fall, Beijing has imposed retaliatory tariffs on American-made rides and ride parts twice, hiking the tax to a little over 25%.