Luxury Motor Home Caravan NEW IN STOCK (Immediate Delivery)
28789 dated 19.08.2019
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Are you looking for a special motor home that allows you an ultimate lifestyle?
This is the perfect solution for your business and your holiday trips.

Built on a long special semitrailer with extendable second floor, this motor home represents the top luxury of Italian living style. Thanks to two side extendable walls you can get easy entrance. LED illumination provides a first-class style also in the night-time.

Even when you are away, you need to take care of your business. This special corner gives you a full office space for you and your assistants. The living room is the part where you spend most of your time, with your family or friends. This motor home has a special feature that offers you a one level extra-wide floor for full comfort.

The wide dining space with a complete modern kitchen allows you to organize your breaks or meals. You can’t feel comfortable if you don’t have a great bathroom. This large bathroom and full-size bathtub with wall shower is the perfect solution!

By night you may need to relax privately at your second-floor level. Here is your private bedroom complete with a king size double bed, wardrobe and all accessories you need. And if you have guests, the second bedroom with a queen size double bed is ready for them.

Get advantage of latest Italian design living trailer with all luxury accessories.