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The impact of CorovaVirus in the entertainment sector

The economic and social effects that will follow from the containment measures implemented by the various states will have important consequences for the whole year 2020.

What's going on
CoronaVirus infection has arrived in Europe and will soon involve the American continent. The lack of a vaccine will inevitably lead all states to adopt important restrictive measures that are being tested in Italy today.
The first measure that is generally adopted is that of respecting a minimum safety distance between people with the suspension of all public events including amusement parks.
If the CoronaVirus infection increases, a total closure of all non-essential activities is generally adopted for at least two / three weeks.
These measures could be repeated over time if the viral trail occurs.

The impact of CoronaVirus in the entertainment sector
The measures that could be taken in each state could generate an important impact in the entertainment sector. The amusement parks could be closed for many weeks during the season. The additional measures needed due to the viral trail could result in other outages throughout the season.
Even when the emergency period is over, the fear of the public to repopulate the amusement parks could continue and the public's spending capacity in the entertainment facilities could be reduced.
Trade in new and used attractions could slow down sharply due to travel and goods restrictions.

We recommend all operators to carefully evaluate possible purchases and sales of attractions by carefully measuring their available financial resources and avoiding over-indebtedness.
The continuation of this situation could lead to a reduction in the market value of the attractions used due to the possible reduction in the number of possible buyers.
The continued shutdown of activities could be used by operators for extraordinary maintenance operations and attraction inspections.