KMG Debuts New Spectacular Ride, the X-Drive carnivalwarehouse
31768 dated 14.08.2019
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KMG Debuts New Spectacular Ride, the X-Drive.
New ride travels on one tri-axle semi trailer.

KMG debuted its latest development, a super spectacular attraction dubbed the “X-DRIVE”.

The "X-Drive" is constructed on one tri-axle semi-trailer (2 steering axles + 1 fixed) and weighs in total approx. 39.500 kg (87,000 lbs). The ride was designed to be easily constructed without the use of a crane by a three man crew in approximately four hours. Much of the set-up procedure is done with the use of hydraulics including tilting the semi-trailer, unfolding the platform and mounting the gondolas. Fencing, decorations, and the lights all stay on the platform during transport and the backwall scenery is fitted on the outriggers.

The "X-Drive" holds 8 riders on each end of the main rotating arm (16 riders in total). The gondola-arms rotate by motor and the seats flip/spin freely.