AI INDUSTRIES V14 SIMULATOR - CRACKS ON PIN Naflic Technical Bulletin N. 439
20587 dated 08.01.2018
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Cracks were found, during routine annual inspection, in the universal joint yoke pin of a V14 AI industries Simulator. The bulletin shows the image of the pin after NDT with fluorescent liquid penetrants, where a crack is very visible in it. Inspection bodies should ensure that there semponents are included on the NDT schedule.
We remind to all users of RidesZone that international standards od the amusement filed require an annual inspection of all rides and particularly all safety and structural parts should be NDT inspected for possible cracks. In this case of a pin, but also applicabele to bolts, shafts and all solid non welded components, simple visual inpscion is not recommended, since the size of the cracks can be so small that can be detected only with very sensitive non-visual NDT procedures, like liquid penetrants (PT), magnetic particles (MT) or other.

Type of contents:  Technical Bulletin
Issued by:  NAFLIC
Manufacturer:  AI Industries
Ride name:  V14 Simulator
Reference N°:  439
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