20633 dated 12.01.2018
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Alberto Fabbri
Blooloop.com, OpenAireInc, The Dallas Morning News, Fox 4 News
Grand Prairie, Texas, USA. Today is the grand opening of Epic Waters, the indoor waterpark with the biggest retractable roof in the USA.

Today is the big grand opening day of an absolute novelty in field of indoor waterparks: the grand opening of Epic Waters indoor waterpark in Grand Prairie, Texas, USA.

What makes this opening so special?
It’s the fact that this waterpark has the biggest retractable roof in the whole American continent.
What is a retractable roof? It’s a special roof that can be opend to regulate the temperature inside. When outside is cold, the roof can be closed, when outside is hot, the roof opens, getting so always a perfect temperature to enjoy such a waterpark.

The figures of this roof, manufactured by canadian company OpenAire, are incredible:

- 62.000 square feet (5800 m2) total surface
- 160 feet wide (49 m)
- 384 feet ( 117 m) long

but the most incredible thing is that the whole structure is in ALUMINUM: 280 tons on aluminum were used here for the whole structure, making the roof extremely lightweight and ,most of all, insensitive to corrosion of water and chlorine.

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