DUABI EYE SOON COMPLETED 2 Nice videos to see
20623 dated 11.01.2018
Published by
Alberto Fabbri
Extreme Tech
Waiting for the soon opening of Dubai Eye, the new tallest Ferris Wheel of the world and marvel of actual technology, we publish these tow nice videos that summarize the incredible effort spent in this monumental construction.

- The Ferris Wheel is constructed on Bluewater Island, an artificial island made of more than 4 millions cubic meters of sand and one million cubic meters of rock.
- Leg of 6.5 meters in diameter
- Length of each leg is 126 meters (fit 15 London Buses)
- 6 dampers inside the legs and hub stabilize the wheel during strong winds
- The hub rolled from a 200 millimeters thick steel plate
- The cranes used can lift 3.000 tons.
- The central spindle weighs 1800 tons, as much as 4 A380 airplanes
- Only 6 mm of gap tolerance between legs and spindle before welding
- 210 meters tall
- 1400 guests capacity