Tube Rides Impronta Designers (Italy)
19010 dated 20.10.2018
Published by
Bruno Incerti
The Tube Rides snowtubing attraction is becoming the flagship product for Impronta Designers, and as interest and demand grow so do the variants presented by the Italian Company to meet the needs of operators in terms of size, budget and working capacity.

Variable Size
After the 11m long Small version and the one with the ‘jump’ at the end, in recent months, a 3-lane Big Tube Rides with 2 descents, measuring 40m long and with a 5m high starting platform has also been delivered: “We made this for the LunEur Park in Rome. Thanks to a fake rock theme, the park managed to integrate our system into the landscape, at the same time giving more excitement and a greater perspective to the slopes.”

Long lanes also work in indoor locations
Of course, indoors they work just as well; indeed in this case the perception of a fast descent increases as does the excitement, right down to the last meter of the 40. The number of lanes is variable as desired, because the completely aluminium structure is modular.

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